Our approach

Human-Centered design

User Experience For Your Project

A Home Run Sprint Cycle (or ‘Home Run’, for friends) is an intensive program designed for teams that need to find the best solution for a problem, test and implement it in record time.

A Home Run is divided into five steps, which can be worked through in just a week. The goal is to define a product or one of its fundamental features through ideation, prototyping, and testing with real users.

We can only score if we the problem is well-defined, and the right people are playing. And we need everyone in the court: your company’s decision-making power, the knowledge to answer questions, and the chops to implement the solution.

That’s right, your team will be responsible for finding the solution with us.
But worry not: we are great coaches and will guide you the whole way, facilitating working sessions and making sure things stay on track.

This methodology is an adaptation of www.gv.com/sprint/. Our Lead Researcher & Master Coach Sarah Rink is a Design Sprint Master Certified by Google, so you can be sure to be in great hands.


In a start-up, everyone has different ways of solving a single problem. The objective of this first batting session is to share what you know and see what others know. Its aim is to obtain lots of information quickly. With this information on the table, we can understand and build a better solution.


On second base, we generate a large number of different ideas. With these ideas, everyone from the CEO to the Marketing Director will be creating quick sketches. Even though we are together, a good part of the work will be done individually and in silence. In this process, it is critical that ideas can be reflected on paper, without obstacles and without a perfect finish. This is about prototypes.


We have succeeded in generating many ideas, and now we have to make a difficult decision: which one to continue with. The rest will be set aside. In this step we decide how we are going to create something that we can quickly test with our users and learn what works and what doesn't.


We are going to create a REAL version of the storyboard (Third Base) to show to users on Opening Day.

Opening Day

On this last day of the sprint we will validate the ideas that we prototyped on day 4. To do so, we will perform a user test with at least 5 participants for each prototype.

The Team

  • Alfonso Morcuende CEO & Lead Interaction Designer
  • David Álvarez Partner & Lead UX Designer
  • Sarah Rink Partner & Lead UX Consultant
  • Marco Giacomuzzi Senior Front End Developer
  • Lidia Ballano Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Helen Creeger Senior UX Researcher
  • Elena Martínez Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Silvia Calvet Senior UX Consultant