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The broker that invests in its traders.


Cazy, crazy love

The first time we heard the idea behind Darwinex, it seemed crazy. It also seemed crazy the second and third times. We understood that this was part of the project's magic. A sensible craziness – something that didn't exist in the market, something totally new that demanded the best of us to be up to the challenge. To be a platform for traders and investors, to be rich in data, graphics, and to be able to find every little piece of data for a large community of traders, and at the same time to be a simple tool for investors.

What did we do?

We created an entire information system from the ground up. The idea was to go beyond buttons, colors, and hierarchies to create a system. It is a flexible framework for communicating complex, valuable information. The sum of all the elements is much greater than each part.

Darwinex UI Kit

The final result

The final result is an application that is rich in nuances, simple to interact with, and rigorous in presenting data. A philosophy that can be applied both to a desktop application and a mobile application. A professional solution, for professionals, to help them find the information they need.

How we work

The Team

  • Alfonso Morcuende CEO & Lead Interaction Designer
  • David Álvarez Partner & Lead UX Designer
  • Sarah Rink Partner & Lead UX Consultant
  • Marco Giacomuzzi Senior Front End Developer
  • Lidia Ballano Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Helen Creeger Senior UX Researcher
  • Elena Martínez Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Silvia Calvet Senior UX Consultant