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Hightrack iPhone view

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Improving a tool's productivity is always complicated, but doing so in a task and event management tool was one of the most exciting things we've ever done. Prioritizing, making secondary items appear as secondary, focusing on content and productivity. In the end, redesigning a tool that assists many people with their day-to-day tasks was a fantastic challenge. Not just making it usable, but ensuring that users fell in love with it, with the content and form very closely connected.

Hightrack iPad view

What did we do?

We created proportions that established the consistency of a grid, and all of this created a visual structure to organize elements. Another important characteristic was personalizing the tool; to do so, we set up the content in such a way that by simply changing the background, a new atmosphere could be created.

Hightrack iPad view
Hightrack iPhone view

The final result

We redesigned the system with the goal of having all functions available on different devices. This did not mean that all options were visible from the home screen or that all were equally as important; we had to prioritize tasks and focus on what was important for the user.

How we work

The Team

  • Alfonso Morcuende CEO & Lead Interaction Designer
  • David Álvarez Partner & Lead UX Designer
  • Sarah Rink Partner & Lead UX Consultant
  • Marco Giacomuzzi Senior Front End Developer
  • Lidia Ballano Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Helen Creeger Senior UX Researcher
  • Elena Martínez Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Silvia Calvet Senior UX Consultant