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Meaningful communication

Revival iPad view

A meaningful app

In an era of immediacy in communications, Revival came up with a special communications system: I decide what to communicate and when it will be visible to the recipient. This creates a new concept... waiting. What happens between the time I see I have a message and when I am allowed to read that message? The communication channel changes; expectations and time management are part of the interaction's design. This leads to more leisurely communication, with more meaningful messages.

What did we do?

Creating a message in which form and function were important to the sender and recipient. When I use Revival I am communicating something important. There's immediacy, but there's also care and attention to detail in everything related to the message: the images, the text, the way it is opened and sent.

Hightrack iPhone view
Hightrack iPad view

The final result

The important thing is the message, the image, who it is being sent to; the interface must be secondary. Communication is what is important, and ensuring that it is carefully displayed on the screen; the protagonist has to come first, and nothing should interrupt its visibility or importance.

How we work

The Team

  • Alfonso Morcuende CEO & Lead Interaction Designer
  • David Álvarez Partner & Lead UX Designer
  • Sarah Rink Partner & Lead UX Consultant
  • Marco Giacomuzzi Senior Front End Developer
  • Lidia Ballano Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Helen Creeger Senior UX Researcher
  • Elena Martínez Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Silvia Calvet Senior UX Consultant